Prompt: Anagrams




So, in my constant search for new and ever more inventive ways to procrastinate on my writing, I stumbled across this little tool:

The Internet Anagram Server (a.k.a. I, Rearrangement Servant) will, for sure, provide you with hours on end of dilly-dallying that is not writing.

It can also, however, provide you with some really interesting word combinations that make for the start of a really interesting piece of writing.

Put your name, or your character’s name, or your dog’s name, or whatever into the Anagram Server and see what kind of unusual word strands you get.  Can you make them make sense in a piece of writing?

My own name brings up some pretty great combinations, such as:

Barely Crayon Jamming

Cry, Glimmer Joy Banana

Join Almanac Berry Gym (which I’m sure exists somewhere in New England)

Jar Me My Cannibal Orgy

and (my roommate’s personal favorite) Bare Clammy Ninja Orgy


Make sure to use the advanced options, which will allow you to make anagrams with words you particularly like.  One of my favorite words was Magical and I will admit to also putting Orgy into the “required words” slot.

Anyone come up with anything good?




Creative Commons love to for the photo! Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Prompt: Anagrams”

  1. The funny thing about being Dyslexic is that my ENTIRE Life has been the longest lasting ANAGRAM in recorded history. The ‘stewarding’ of words is exhausting.
    “D” / om

  2. Anything that stirs the mind and stimulates creativity is so condusive to disciplined and creative writing (I think),

    I’m an online Scrabble (Words With Friends on FB) addict!



  3. Oh, this was fun…

    Snatcher Toilet
    Interacts Hotel
    Chariot Nettles
    Toenail Stretch
    Aha Vainly Windled
    Vanilla Added Whiny

    Must post on my blog…complete utter, but addicting waste of time. :) Thanks. I needed one more thing to distract me. :) :)

  4. William Burroughs had a method for what’s called “invention” (coming up with good ideas). I think he cut pages (of what? dunno) into quarters, then rearranged them. Jack London or maybe Steinbeck developed vocabulary by writing new words on index cards, then hanging them from the ceiling at eye level. He was always bumping into them. Me? I taught my students “clustering,” from Gabriele Lusser Rico’s Writing the Natural Way. My late aunt used Rico’s book (readily available) and swore by it.

  5. Phew! Thank heavens I managed to break free, that can be addictive. Now go wash your keyboard out with soap and water and promise never to do that to innocent bystanders again.

    Keyboard? Hmmm — excuse me just a moment …

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