listening to icicles (Colorado. November 2002.)

listening to icicles

they giggle softly




rods of burning cold

tensing their muscles

to break free of the shingles


they blind with the light

of a reflected winter sun

and mirror the calm

of soothing soft snow




slowly melting now

making waves of ice

beneath them

to be suspended from

the sky the snow

anything but the roof


.               .               .

floating among the snowflakes

little brothers of ice

the ground beneath

comes near

the icicles reach

trying to embrace



21 thoughts on “listening to icicles (Colorado. November 2002.)

  1. This is the time of year when the icicles are forming, here in the mid-west. The sun is warming the snow on the roof and the icicles drip from the eaves. Thanks for making this such an experience for the senses. :)

    • I wrote this during my first real winter (I am originally a Florida girl) and so much about the snow and ice were brand new and really magical to me. My senses were totally overwhelmed trying to get it all in!

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