Submission: Paper Darts

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the websites of Creative Writing MFA Programs.  One of the really wonderful side effects of  these hours in front of the computer is that I’ve come across quite a few fun, interesting literary magazines.

As I am determined to be more serious about my writing, I am also looking for publications where I can submit my work.  My guidelines are pretty well-defined.  I want to submit to lit mags that accept online submissions and have no reading fees.  Plus, the rebellious artist in me is attracted to publications that are a little funky.  I’d like to share these publications with you as I find them.  Perhaps you will enjoy them as much as I do and perhaps you will want to submit to them as well.

One of my favorites so far is Paper Darts.  I have to say, there is an not-so-small soft spot in my heart for a lit mag started by a group of girls with a sewing machine.  They also have quite a few other projects going.  I highly recommend checking them out.

8 thoughts on “Submission: Paper Darts”

  1. Hello there! I’m on the search for a similar thing – any competition or anything that has no entry fee. Poetry competitions are especially annoying as there are so few without entry fees. So I wish you the best your search.
    Thanks for following my blog – I trust you find it interesting enough? :)
    I just wanted to ‘tag’ you or Nominate you for this blog award. I have to find eleven people, so –
    if you’re interested in doing it, of course, but I nominate you anyway :)

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