Fall in the Long White Cloud

It’s a wet kind of cold, the kind that still allows things to grow.  The cloudy sky and diffused light makes the green of the plants more striking and they glisten with the drops of rain.  Actually, the rain doesn’t quite drop.  The air is so thick with water that it falls in a mist, mot even heavy enough to be a drizzle.  It makes me feel like I am walking through a long, white cloud, as if I am so far above the earth that I am inside the sky.  Only the moss reminds me that I am at sea level.

The tree outside my window has been dying all summer, but now, in the cold of the autumn rain it has begun again to grow.  It also seems confused by these antipodean seasons.  It lost its leaves in the shining sun of the summer drought, and now that it’s fall, it’s sprouting new life.

The koru seem unsure about whether or not to open.  I am sure I’ve seen the ferny tendrils on my path tentatively stretch open, and now they’ve closed again, as if pulling back from the abrupt, damp, winter.  Their spiral fractals seem to contract and breathe, opening timidly and closing again.

It’s on days like this I long to be outside, to feel the growth and life.  The plants and ground feel full with the potential that the rain brings, bursting with possibility and expectant growth.  I want that potential, that possibility, that growth.



This is a little birthday present from New Zealand for my awesome, amazing, inspiring cousin, Janelle.  


Also, Kiwi Creative Commons love to Brenda Anderson for the photo.  Thanks so much!

9 thoughts on “Fall in the Long White Cloud”

  1. First of all I want to thank you for stopping by Paper, Mud and Me and liking “River Congo – Chapter 3.” Your writing touches my soul and that is all any writer can ask, to touch another’s soul and make them yearn. – Aloha – pjs.

  2. Your words remind me of the diversity in this wonderful blogging world, that even as our snow is finally receding and the grass beginning to shake of the cold of winter, down where you are the opposite is happening. Your heat is being released into the cool crisp air of autumn, while we reach out to bring the warmth to our hearth so we can see green again after 7 long months of winter. :)

  3. What a delightful “prose poem” ! Your word pictures are simply exquisite! Thank you for liking the poetry you read in your recent visit to my blog “Randa Lane…” Drop by often or just follow! :)
    It is my honor and pleasure to follow you. *smile*


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