Writing Challenge: When the Goddesses Come Out



Nymphs, goddesses, apsaras, maenads!  It’s May.  There’s a fresh exhilaration in the air.  Mother’s Day is coming up.  I have been incredibly inspired by all those bloggers who did the A-Z blogging challenge in April.  These things all fit together nicely in a little challenge that I am setting for myself.  This month, I am endeavoring to write about 26 strong, creative women from mythology.  So, the goal is to write 26 short stories, one based on a female mythological figure for each letter of the alphabet.  Feel free to join me, or to set your own goal for this month.  New growth and new beginnings are in the air!


A special Creative-Commons “Thanks!” to itjournalist from flickr for the photo!

11 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: When the Goddesses Come Out”

  1. What a challenge! I’m trying to kick my mythology database open to find the names. I keep going graecoroman. Ariadne, Artemis, Athena… ok, now B… um Boudicca is historical, though she is worthy and does star in song and story! This is going to be tough! I look forward to reading your solutions to your self-set problem!

  2. Love the challenge – I can see how I could adapt this to my own creative endeavours.
    @rodericktmacdonald – if you can cope with sneaking some Egyptian influence into your graecoroman endeavour (which would be historically apt!), there’s always Bastet…

  3. If you’re stuck on the Bs I wrote a book on a Valkyrie called Belinda … turned down (with the utmost regret~!) by every publisher and agent I sent it to; but hey, I enjoyed it!

    1. I do happen to be stuck on the B’s, but only because I started a piece about Baba Yaga that’s taken on a life of its own and nearly become a novella. Maybe I can do Valkyries for V — if I ever finish my B piece!

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