Call for Submissions: Exegesis Journal


Issue 4:Money

‘Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons’


Exegesis, the academic e-journal of the English Department at Royal Holloway, University of London, is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2014 edition on Money. For this issue we hope to attract creative writing dealing with money in all its forms and implications, reviews of work on the contemporary cultural scene that engages with (or rejects) the demands of the fiscal, and literary, historical and other critical readings engaging with issues financial, commercial, economic and numismatic. Authors may choose to investigate this topic literally, metaphorically, or theoretically, and in terms of specific texts, authors, times, or places.

Articles and creative pieces might address, but are not limited to, any of the following subjects:

–          Greed, austerity and financial crises

–          Money as object: designed, collected, exchanged

–          Inheritance, legacy, wills

–          Culture in the marketplace: the value of art

–          Mass culture, consumerism, globalisation

–          Employment: labourers, servants and slaves

–          Class and caste

–          Charity, welfare, international aid

–          Capitalism and communism: money and the structures of power

–          Payment, repayment, debt

–          Putting a price on people: dowries, prostitution, industrial compensation

–          Insurance and investment: money and risk

–          Theft, blackmail, fraud

–          Misers and spendthrifts: money and morals

The deadline for submissions is 13th January 2014. Please submit via the following email addresses: to submit a critical work,; to submit a creative work,; to submit a book, theatre, conference, film or exhibition review, After peer review, refereed submissions will be selected and published in our April 2014 issue. Please take note of the Guidelines below.


Exegesis invites submissions from postgraduate students and early career academics from the field of English Studies and beyond, multi- and cross- disciplinary researchers, and any scholar with interesting and relevant work. We welcome previously unpublished essays, short articles, reviews, and creative pieces on each issue’s theme, and encourage you to fully explore its meaning.

Essays and short articles should be between 4000-6000 words and reviews around 1000 words (including all references). Creative pieces of no more than 5000 words are welcomed. All work should be submitted using the template and guidelines available on our website, at We adhere to MHRA formatting style. Your submission email should include your name, academic affiliation, the title of your submission, 5-7 keywords, and a 3-5 sentence abstract of the article or review piece. All attached submissions should be unnamed, to ensure impartiality during the selection process, and should be sent as Word documents (.doc format).

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