Call for Submissions: Banago Street

Banago Street is accepting submissions!  Check them out!

Banango Street is a thrice-yearly literary journal; It is edited by Rachel Hyman and Justin Carter of Banango Lit. We like words that invoke, works that break us (and themselves) in curious ways, & we want to move you. We have faith that this is still possible, but we need your help.
Join us?

Submissions are open for our special women’s issue, guest edited by Emily Kendal Frey and Julia Cohen. Female-identified, queer, and non-binary poets are invited to submit by August 3rd.

Regular submissions for Issue 10 will reopen in early August.

We take submissions in 4 categories: poetry, translations, collaborations, and art.
Please submit through our submissions manager.

You may submit up to 3 poems. If you wish to withdraw part of a submission, e-mail us at

Please do not submit previously published work. This includes personal blogs.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Please inform us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. An email will suffice.

Banango Street has first publication rights; upon publication, rights revert to the author. If your poems end up in a chapbook or book, we would love if you acknowledged us.


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