Shelter and Write Prompt 6: Look to History

Do some research on a historical epidemic that has some relevance to you. It could be a family story or the history of epidemics in a place you feel connected to, or even one you’ve just been curious about.

Write about the similarities and differences between that epidemic and the one you face today. What are the stories around that epidemic that you feel inspired by? That you can look to for comfort? Where are the connections? What lessons can we learn? 

Find one point of connection that is helpful to you. Maybe it is something different about our current situation that gives you hope. Maybe it is someone from the past situation who inspired you. Write in detail about this helpful point of connection.

For a fictional twist, write a story in which the main character is living in the historical epidemic and comes to similar lessons and connections.

This post is part of a series I am doing that includes 30 prompts for 30 days of sheltering at home. You can read more about my reasoning and also find other prompts here. I would love to see what you come up with. Feel free to share here or to tag your work #shelterandwrite.

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