Shelter and Write Prompt 15: Upside-Down Fears

This one’s a little fun and funky. 

Free write for 10 minutes about your fears. Choose 5 nouns from your free write that stand out to you. Then choose 5 verbs, and 5 adjectives. 

Next, turn your paper upside down and “read” the upside down text. Find five “words” that stand out to you upside down. For example, if you read the word “words” upside down, it looks like “sporm,” which might make me think of sport, sperm, or spore. 

Next, think of a phrase someone from your past used to always say and a phrase that you have heard over and over again in recent weeks. 

Now, create a piece that incorporates all of these things: the 5 nouns, 5 adjectives, 5 verbs, 5 upside-down words you chose and the two phrases, one from your past and one from the present. It could be an essay, a poem, or a fictional story, but it must include all of these elements. Have fun!

This post is part of a series I am doing that includes 30 prompts for 30 days of sheltering at home. You can read more about my reasoning and also find other prompts here. I would love to see what you come up with. Feel free to share here or to tag your work #shelterandwrite.

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