Shelter and Write Prompt 16: Writing Together

Collaborate on a piece of writing. 

Find at least one other person to write together with. Perhaps you create a thread on social media, or enlist your family. This would work really well with a poem or with a short story. 

Start with just a line or sentences. Allow each person involved to add a line that relates to their current experiences and then allow the next person to respond to that line and add their own experiences. 

Where are the similarities? The differences? Is there a tug-of-war in the perspectives, or are you and your collaborators using similar images and ideas?

This post is part of a series I am doing that includes 30 prompts for 30 days of sheltering at home. You can read more about my reasoning and also find other prompts here. I would love to see what you come up with. Feel free to share here or to tag your work #shelterandwrite.

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