I sat with my cousin Janelle in the midst of a flooded city.   High up in a condo half a world away from home, we spoke of dreams and futures, possibilities and pasts.  After years of traveling and growing, we’d come to the same spot.

“Remember that quote?” she asked me, referencing a small chapbook I had made for my high school graduation.  It was a little book made at an Office Depot copy center that held the small, feverish writing of a 15-year-old girl trying to figure out her place.

“What quote?”

“To be no one but yourself…is the hardest battle any one can fight.  I always remembered it from that book you made.”

The thing is, I had nearly forgotten that book, and completely forgotten that quote.  I wasn’t sure that anyone had read anything in that little chapbook.  More than anything, I had made it for myself – just to see my poems in print.

But here was someone who I respected and admired, someone who traveled the world, someone whose presence in my life I appreciate more than I can say.  And she still remembered the words, the quotes, the writing.

“You really should write more,” she told me.

That conversation with Janelle and starting this blog propelled my life forward in ways I couldn’t imagine. It convinced me of how much I loved writing. So I went to get an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. I was Editor-In-Chief of Permafrost Magazine. Now I have an editing business, teach creative writing, and write about my life off-the-grid in Alaska.

This blog has taught me how much words matter. It wasn’t only my words that touched my cousin that day. It was her words to me. “You should write more.” 

So this blog is a small attempt to share more.  A little hope that someone somewhere will find a snippet of inspiration, a moment of resonance, a crumb of beauty, and never stop fighting.

So I did. And she was right. You never know where your words are going to take you, what you will find when you connect with people, when you open yourself up.

And you know what? You should write more.


To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. – ee cummings

208 thoughts on “About”

  1. There are not much differences between mankind and the animal kingdom, and the more social values change the more we find similarities. I think the defining demarcation line is the need of mankind to differentiate himself from his neighbor, acquiring objects, fashion, social status…anything that says: “This is me, these are my values…”

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you stay with it for a while – I will endeavor to keep it interesting. And I agree with your cousin – you have a very nice style of writing – and you should keep at it. Cheers – DJ.

  3. You were dead-on with that quote! Pretty damned insightful for a fifteen year-old. At fifteen, the only time I spouted off anything worth hearing was to try and impress someone–usually a girl.

    Man, I was smooth.

    Anyways, I wanted to tell you I like your blog and thank you for stopping by mine. It’s good to see someone else plugging away at this writing deal. Keep it up, and always revise!

  4. I love the format of your blog, especially that you have a section for prompts and inspiration. If I ever get around to reformatting mine, a link back to your blog will be in my inspiration section. :)

  5. I too like your blog and find your writing style lyrical and evocative. You have a nice way with creating images … lots to do with water! Thanks for reading my blog also, I’ll follow yours too. Nice to find you and these other writers here, it’s wonderful to support each other’s creative strivings. SB

  6. Ah, e.e. Cummings. There is nothing more to say after quoting him. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you did, because it led me to yours. Have you ever thought of revising some of this and trying for publication? I strive to be published one day, but I’m a Nazi when it comes to revision. I have to change my piece dozens of times before I’m satisfied with it…then I look at it a year later and find more I wish to change. Ha.

  7. Oh how real and so true are your words of wisdom at a young age.

    “To be no one but yourself…is the hardest battle any one can fight.”

    Thank you so much

  8. I’ve used that e.e. cummings quote as a guiding light most of my life, since the humble age of 3.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving it a thumbs up. I’m so glad I was intrigued by your fabulous blog name and popped in to have a look – love it. Please keep the inspiration coming. I’ll join as a follower in a minute! It’s a great look, lovely style and I wish you all the best with your writing.

  10. Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog. Keep at it, you are insightful and that’s a gift. Keep writing and when you hit writers block, read until the inspiration comes back!

  11. Thanks so much for visiting and “liking” my poem, Fractured Love…I hope you’ll return and I look forward to reading more of your inspiration snippets, too!

  12. Good Saturday morning to you :-) Thanks for visiting my blog and reading. Natalie Goldberg says that writing helps you develop a spine. Your cumming’s quote made me think of that. Hope you have a lovely weekend full of all the right words.

  13. I saw you stopped in and liked one of my posts, so I came by to see your site….looks very interesting, so I’m following you now…. :-) Should be fun… I used to keep journals of my prose and poetry at that age as well… I still have one or two of them, and it’s fun to go back over it occasionally….gives me a reminder of where I’ve been….. I look forward to reading more of your insights and musings…. take care and Blessed Be….

  14. Hello my friend,
    I like your writing up here. I think if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you will have good future. So keep it up my friend! :-)
    I have a joyful ride in your blog, and now I’d like to invite you to visit mine. Thank you and have a wonderful day, my friend! :-)
    Subhan Zein

  15. ah, in reading the above, I see you are just like the rest of us here, so nice to meet you writer!

  16. I am so glad you dropped in….allows me to do the same. GREAT site, wonderfully done! I look forward to seeing (and feeling) more.

  17. It’s funny how life works out. I’m glad you decided to write more and share with others on your blog. Looking at all the comments, it looks like you’ve touched many people!

  18. Hi,
    I’m glad you visited my blog and now taking a look at yours… nice, as me you’re a very sensitive person and in a world so gross and corporeal this just is a good stuff. Although my blog ranges over a wide variety of subjects, hopeful you can be back to read me. Feel free to contact me by email to deepen anything you want or simply to be in touch…Hugs

  19. it’s quite nice to meet ya…I dig the theme you have for your blog…inspiration is an awesome thing in life. It keeps us aspiring and growing…kudos. :)

  20. At age 62, I firmly agree with Cummings’ assessment. Also with “there’s no time like the present!” And, obviously, “old dogs can learn new tricks.” So, congratulations on the epiphany, and may you be determined and resolute in finding and being yourself on this journey. And, by the way, thanks for visiting my blog and reading “The Party.”

  21. Nice blog…great inspiration! Reminds me a little of an old MSN “group” I was in called “Writer’s Castle”. Thank you so much for dropping my Modern Oracle so I could find it! P.S….I like your wordpress theme ;)

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You write beautifully and I love your story here about coming back to finding your voice and letting it be heard. I wish you all the best with your writing and look forward to reading more of your work.

  23. Thanks for visiting my site. I’m going to read your stuff and get email notifications of your posts. I don’t really know any writers. Thanks for the inspirational quotes.

  24. What I find so delightful about blogging is that instantly my writing is in print and instantly there for anyone to read. The miracle that is the Internet blesses us with a place to write after a long silence.

  25. Beautiful intro! I’ll be back:-) Thanks for the like – now I’m going to check out your writing prompts and maybe re-read some of my early ’15 year old stuff’ – thanks for the inspiration. H x

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s so much more than a quote and means more to me than you’ll ever know. I had it written on a napkin, and carried it around with me for years. I’d forgotten that until I read your post.

  27. That was a beautiful about, thanks for the amazing quote. I had never heard it before but it’s already one of my favorites :)

    –Thanks for visiting my blog Whimsically Yours and liking my post Write What You Know

  28. Thanks for liking my post & following my blog. Your about is great & reminds me of one of my fave Dr. Suess quotes: “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Keep up that awesome writing :)

  29. One of the most poetic about’s I have ever read. To end with that quote was perfect. I can see you and Janelle, looking out over a flooded city. That will stay with me for awhile.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And for reminding me to hang in that battle…

  30. You have talent. Real and honest talent. Writing isn’t a job, not a profession or career. It’s a state of being. One cannot stop being a writer no more than one can stop breathing. You don’t leave the path of writing. Simply, it is who you are: a writer. You have something, something utterly magnificent.

    I agree, you should write more.

      1. “Honesty is the best cure for any stress induced disease you have”
        -Tsunami Bomb

        We all feel like we can do more when it comes to writing. Never does it seem like enough, no matter how many pages flow under your fingertips, no matter how many letters or words are created, no matter how my characters, worlds or events are caused by your pencil.

        It never feels like enough.

        Trust me, I get how you feel. so I thought it would be helpful to tell you what I think.

  31. To offer a snippet of hope, a moment of resonance, a crumb of beauty, is cause enough to keep people fighting. Don’t give up. – Aloha – pjs.

  32. Hi! Just a note to let you know I have nominated you to receive The Leibster Award. If you are not familiar with it, you may read about it on my post today (Wed. 06/05/2013).

    If you already have the award or, for some other reason, wish to decline it, you need take no further action.

    If you wish to accept the award, full information is in the post referenced above.

    My sincerest CONGRATULATIONS and continued success in your writing.


  33. Thanks for your interest i what I offer in The Bible Through the Seasons. I wish you blessings for life’s call upon you.

  34. Thanks for the like on The Noah Project. How creative to write a poem from the viewpoint of the insect. Very nice and interesting. I can see why your cousin encouraged you to write.

  35. Many thanks for the like on my post about Mostar-Dubrovnik. I love your quote, and I came across it today at just the right moment. It gave me heart in a moment of self-doubt. Garrulous Gwendoline, The Reluctant Retiree

  36. That was one of the best “about”s I have read. Very special. Thanks for liking my blog. Following yours. I feel I can learn a lot from you!

  37. “To be no one but yourself…is the hardest battle any one can fight.”
    This is true and very profound. I’m glad I came to this blog. You’ll definitely see more of me.


  38. I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my page for the “Shine On” award people who come to my page will be linked to your blog. You don’t have to re-post, I know not everyone is into these things, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your writing here is a link to the award –

  39. Thank you for the like today. Enjoyed checking out your blog. Inspiration and Creativity are some of my favorite things. Along with Beets. Funny, somehow my post published before I was finished. Hope you come back to check out my completed post, Crimini. -Cheers

  40. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my poem:). I am still new in this space and trying to find my feet. Hence a visit from you who has been here for a while means a lot to me.
    And I loved your blog too. The look and feel as much as the content and substance:)
    Look forward to staying connected… Cheers!

  41. I can really relate to this post….just re-starting a blog again myself. Taking it one day at a time…there’s so much–so many good writers, so many interesting blogs to read, so much to learn….so little time…

  42. Hello Lightning :°), thanks for liking my recent post and good luck with your own writing – I’ll be checking it out!

  43. Write like you speak and bare your soul through your writing while holding nothing back. Then and only then can the reader share the journey with your words their eyes. I wish you the best in your adventure.

  44. AnElephantCant help thinking
    This is some crazy stuff you have created
    You may be slightly mad
    But please don’t be sad
    AnElephant thinks sanity is vastly overrated

  45. To be no one but yourself…is the hardest battle any one can fight

    awesome quote…will always remember that. thanks for liking my post.

  46. Agreed! To be yourself is the hardest battle in this world… everybody has opinions and views on what you are best at and what you should be doing and all the more things… God.. its overwhelming at times…

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog {:

  47. First and foremost, thank you for taking a look at my words. I took a look at your blog and I followed because I fell it will be useful in the future. I have never submitted anything (except a grown man in Jiu Jitsu) and I think your articles will be of help! Abraços from Brasil!

  48. Wow, I really liked your writing. I was writing to tell you that I have to change the name of my story from The River’s Edge to Witch River because the previous name is a movie.
    But hey, if I could write as well as you do, I wouldn’t have to. haha

  49. Sounds like your cousin is a soul sister! Good thing she had that talk with you:) I am always amazing, humbled and touched when talented people like you visit and follow my blog. Namaste

  50. Thanks for liking my post on the release of my first novel. The whole submission process is a daunting weight sometimes. There will be good and bad, as I’m sure you know. I wish you the absolute best of luck.

  51. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like your site and layout, it just feels creative. Been reading your submissions posts and enjoying, looking forward to more.

  52. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog “His Eternal Word” and likening my post on “The Empty Tomb”. Looking forward to reading more of your writings in the days to come.

    Have a blessed week-end … Mikey

  53. “To be no one but yourself…is the hardest battle any one can fight. I always remembered it from that book you made.” <<this is my exact battle, precisely at this juncture in life. Serendipity to find you and yours, and yes do! Write more. I like your prose! great flow–and seemingly effortless–oh wink wink. We knooooow. We know twhat skill lies therein.


    Hey. How do you feel about submissions previously posted on personal blogs?

  54. thank you for taking time to read that story–usually only family and close friends read my stuff, so it’s always a keen surprise when a friendly stranger wanders down into my cubbyhole–i’ll check out your blog–from the about page alone (and all those comments!), you must have a lot of great things to share, i look forward to it…have a wonderful day lightning droplets!

  55. I was always the person with the hand raised, the voice outraged over some dastardly deed, and the first one to stand to defend someone’s honor. What did it get me. My own respect. Seems you have found yours and I give you Kudos.

  56. You’ve hooked me…look forward to keeping up with Lightning Droplets! Thanks by the way for liking my song “Far From Fine”…hope you find more to like there. Best wishes! Annabel

  57. Thanks for stopping by The Pen’s Might and liking “The First Night.” Stop back any time, you’re always welcome and check out my art sites as well, if you have a mind to.

  58. That is one of the best quotes ever- something I strive to do everyday. Thank you so much for liking my post To Cambodia with Love. Words can’t express how much it means to me. I wish you the best with everything. :)

    1. Thanks, Trent! I am trying to post more often, but this year I moved to a new place, started grad school, and am teaching writing at university and all those things together made it difficult for me to post regularly. Hopefully I’ll get more into the routine of it and be able to post more!

  59. Thank you for visiting my blog. You never know what you’ll find since I write on a variety of subjects, so I hope you’ll stop in again.
    I decided to follow you because I like your tips and your writing.

  60. Hello.

    Thank you for the interest and support you’ve shown in my July 3words story.

    I hope you not only return and follow for August, but also consider participating. It really is fun not knowing where the story is going.

    I hope to self-publish a collection of my 3words stories this month – if enough participated I could do this each month, including your story.

    Either way, thanks again. And happy reading.


  61. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the chance to discover yours – some powerful stuff in here, thanks for sharing your insight … looking forward to reading more :-)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Evy! I have been in grad school the past few years (and teaching writing, running a literary magazine, working on a book!) so lightning droplets has sadly been neglected. Trying to get back into the swing of it. Thank you again for your kind words!

  62. I have just received an e-mail from WordPress telling me that you actually accessed my decidedly unformed blog and liked my introductory entry! Although I don’t even know yet how to find your comment, I do thank you for your encouragement. I am spending much time trying to work out the simplest technical things about blogging, but I shall get there in the end… If you have the chance, could you tell me how my site came to your attention? I’ve done nothing (consciously, anyway) to publicise it. But I shall certainly follow yours! Kind wishes, David.

  63. Hello, and thanks for liking the post on my blog, ‘The Courageous Cowboy pt. 2’

    I see you used to post a lot. What happened? I encourage you to continue to have those writing-juices flowing!

  64. Thanks a lot for being the first person to like two of my short stories!
    Your website looks like a treasure trove of good hints for novice writers such as myself.

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