Making (The Netherlands. Winter 2002.)


love to god

was only making.

Before there was

night or day

he came to me

and did not make eye contact

while he sculpted

my clay body to form

the mountains, continents, and seas.

I tried not to breath

as he brushed

ant hills off my stomach

and trimmed me,

leaving trees only

where they looked best.

He still had not spoken

when, finally

content with my form,

he made

and he left

me silently,

to give birth.

The jackal was first.

Though I knew he was not

pleased, god returned,

always pruning,

never speaking.

I bore turtles and fish,

snakes and lions, and


I’ve stopped waiting for his return, but

his marks are still on my mountains and seas.

sometimes (Florida. Spring 2006.)


i want things to be


like when

i watch you

drawing almonds

and tear drops

and flames

in the sand

or when you

enjoy copland

just that way

and you hum

the songs

that say

the things

you won’t

or when we talk

just enough

to know

that we are


i want things to be